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About The St. James Players

Our Story

The St. James Players founder Karen Dundore-Gulotta has mentored many children in the theatre. Her love of performing arts spans forty-six years!


While living (and working as a director) on the island of Ocracoke, North Carolina in 2018, Karen formed her plan to open a theatre in Lebanon County. Upon moving back to Pennsylvania, she found the perfect space at The St. James Lutheran Church at 53 Chestnut Street, Lebanon PA.


The only detail left to accomplish was choosing a name for the new theatre. While cleaning the new space with her mother, Joane Dundore, and a dear friend, Dee Cook, she noticed a plaque on the wall. It was in remembrance of Rosalie Keller-Brandt and her love of the performing arts. Karen had grown up in The St. James Lutheran Church and Rosalie had been a mentor to Karen when she was a girl. It was Rosalie that taught her that it was okay to be different, and to embrace her creative side. Rosalie taught love and acceptance of all people, and to always help those in need.


These core values are now imbedded in the mission of The St. James Players. Karen is forever thankful to Rosalie for being such an amazing mentor to her for so many years. She hopes that when people hear the theatre's name, The St. James Players, they will think of love and acceptance, and helping others by using the gift of performing arts.

Our board of directors is:

Chair of the Board: Karen Dundore-Gulotta

President: Hyrum Fischer

Secretary: TJ Fischer

Treasurer: Jenn McCurdy

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